A European Vision on the LIFO®-method
  • To facilitate clients appeal on LIFO® agents and trainers from anywhere in Europe.
  • To support the network of LIFO®-agents and licensees in Europe in order to guarantee an excellent service to customers, in different languages.
  • To offer all European LIFO®-licensees (trainers, consultants, coaches) professional documentation of worldwide proven LIFO® instruments, useful  and practicable texts, and also exercises in excellent quality and particular applicable.
  • To improve the existing LIFO®-documents and –applications, and the development of new ones, practical and up-to-date material within the framework of the worldwide LIFO®-organization, and in cooperation of all LIFO®-Agents and LIFO®-Licensees in Europe.
  • To develop and promote the LIFO® method in Europe in order to create a strong European LIFO®-identity and –quality.