New book: Learning Dynamics, Allan Katcher & Reiner Czichos

Learn, Teach Better Through Systematic Self-Assessment

Book suggests improving learning, teaching styles through LIFO® Surveys

Northridge, CA  – Through their latest book, Learning Dynamics, Dr. Allan Katcher and Dr. Reiner Czichos advance techniques to enhance learning and teaching abilities through the LIFE Orientations (LIFO®) Survey with the aim of helping businesses and educational institutions increase their productivity and effectiveness. Learning Dynamics focuses on the LIFO® Learning and Teaching Styles Surveys to gather insights on the factors that affect how people learn, interpret the results, and apply new knowledge to enhance personal teaching and learning progress.

Learning Dynamics emphasizes on interpersonal conditions that influence people to pay favorable attention to each other, be empathetic and encouraging, and leverage the unique strengths and talents of every learner. Readers will examine their way of teaching and learning and assess personal experiences in the process to understanding the factors affecting learning and managing learning to make it more interesting, meaningful, and productive. The book will provide numerous cases in point that will exercise readers’ abilities in understanding and improving learning.

LIFO® is a self-assessment tool to discovering personal strengths and facilitating easier communication about personal differences. Rather than categorizing people into rigid “types”, LIFO® recognizes four different styles present in each person, one or more (singly or combined) of which may be used by the person more frequently than the other styles. The information revealed from the LIFO® Learning and Teaching Styles Surveys are predominantly referred to in Learning Dynamics.


About the Authors

Allan Katcher, Ph.D. has been a consultant to many of the Fortune 500 companies, and has lectured and conducted seminars in more than twenty countries. He earned his Doctorate in Psychology at the University of California (Berkeley). Prior to work on the LIFO® Method, Dr. Katcher held  jobs as manager of executive development, head of management development, and as a human factors scientist.

Reiner Czichos, Ph.D., LIFO® analyst and master trainer, holds a diploma as a sociologist and economist. In addition, he is an NLP practitioner and holds a Q-Pool certificate. Dr. Czichos is  a distinguished consultant, he has worked for many important European clients. Dr. Czichos’ extensive coaching experience includes work with managers, trainers, and salespeople and has been involved in more than forty change projects. He is currently writing a book on change management.

If you want to know more about the Learning Dynamics book, you can go to  It provides description of the content as well as some reviews of the book. 

Learning Dynamics * by Allan Katcher, Ph.D. and Reiner Czichos, Ph.D.

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN, Hardcover: 978-1-4415-3058-5

ISBN, Softcover: 978-1-4415-3057-8

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