The LIFO® certification programme ensures that you can teach all the concepts and facilitate all the learning activities. Certification will enable you to deliver LIFO® programmes cost effectively to an unlimited number of participants. Please look at “LIFO® in your region” for contact information.

LIFO® Certification Training in Europe:

Start Town Country Language Register
Barcelona Spain Spanish www.schubertconsulting.com
25-10-16 Brussels Belgium Dutch www.lifobenelux.eu
25-10-16 Vendôme France French www.lifobenelux.eu
12-01-17 Brussels Belgium French www.lifobenelux.eu
31-01-17 Hilversum The Netherlands Dutch www.lifobenelux.eu
16-05-17 Hilversum The Netherlands Dutch www.lifobenelux.eu
17-05-17 Brussels Belgium French www.lifobenelux.eu
Bucuresti Romania Romanian www.liforomania.ro
30-06-17 Frankfurt Germany German www.lifoproducts.de
Glasgow Scotland English www.lifeorientations.com
London England English www.lifeorientations.com
Munich Germany German www.lifoproducts.de
Oslo Norway English www.barnumassociates.com
Prague Czech Republic Czech www.dcvision.cz