What are the key principles of Life Orientations®
  • We all learn to behave in ways which seem best to satisfy our needs for self – fulfilment. This behaviour pattern becomes our natural or ‘preferred’ orientation in work and life.
  • Our preferred orientation represents the source of strengths which, when we are able to understand and develop them, can be even more productive
  • When our strengths are carried out to excess they can become counterproductive.
  • The LIFO® personal survey reveals our behaviour pattern in both normal circumstances and under stress or conflict conditions.
  • The LIFO® method makes a distinction between our intentions, behaviours and impacts on others.
  • The LIFO® approach is stressing the multiple use of styles.
  • The different LIFO® surveys are geared to roles or situations.
  • Behaviour is described in simple regular language.
  • Through the LIFO®-model we can unlock ourselves from behaviour which frustrates our basic goal of self-fulfilment.